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Original Persian Carpets

Qashqa’i is the name of the biggest and the most populated immigrant, tent-dweller tribe of iran who have chosen the ancient land and strong government of Achamedian dynasty for their tribal life. The world fame of the Qashqa’ies is indebted to their excellent hand-wovens, especially qashqa’i carpet. more




Markazi Province

Based upon historical sources, Markazi province was one of states of the Mad Empire including all central and western parts of Iran and of old focal points of stationing in plateau of Iran. Arak is the capital city of Markazi province; it is limited to Tafresh and Qom from north, to Khomeyn from south, to Malayer from west and to Delijan and Kashan from east. more




Kerman and Ravar Carpets

Kerman Province with the ancient name of Butia, later turned into Karmania and then Kerman with an area of 187000 Km2 is one of dry and centric regions of Iran. Kerman, Ravar, Rafsanjan, Sirjan, Baft, Jiroft, Babak, Mahan and shahdad are important cities of this province. more




Kashan Carpets

Kashan is located at 258 km. South of Tehran. In the Islamic sources it is referred to as Ghashan or Gasan. This city is among the very ancient cities and from the archeological evidence found in Sialk hills, 4 km. west of Kashan, this region has been discovered to hold one of the first civilizations and is known to be the place for the early settlers in the pre-historic era. more


history of Iranian handmade carpets

The ancient world had been divided into three distinct civilizations i.e. Maghribians including Sami, Greek and Roman; and Mashrighians composing of Chinese and Indian, and Markazians as Iranians. more

How To Care Carpets

Nowadays the study of maintenance, due to the progress in different branches of science and tools related to this subject, has indeed reached succession. To change the cultural viewpoint to a professional one, cultural knowledge and beliefs must be reviewed. more

Design Pattern In Carpets

Since mutual mingling of designs and motifs with colour, they could rapidly conquer the surfaces and this, was a turning point for the history of weaving and texturing arts. more